Concrete Repairs

So you’ve noticed the concrete in the basement, or outside of your  home starting to sink? That’s because the concrete is settling. Perhaps your floor may be cracking, or the walls may be separating from the floor or celling.

Here’s What To Look For

✔ Do you notice any cracks on the concrete floor?
✔ Are the floors dropping, and separating from the walls?
✔ Is There a gap between the floor and wall?
✔ Connecting walls are pulling away from one another?
✔ Do you notice interior wall cracks, between the corners of a room or on the inside of doors?

You’re In Luck!

At Wise Cracks, we have over 25 years of repairing concrete in homes all across Canada Our team will happily come in and assess your foundation, and we’ll suggest the best viable option. Come see why people have chosen Wise Cracks, and our life time guarantee!

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